When do I receive my monthly distribution?

Owner distributions are made on the 15th or closest business day to the 15th every month.  Net proceeds, less maintenance reserve are direct deposited or a check is mailed.  Monthly reports are also sent on that day via email or postal service if you receive a check.  Should there have been any invoices paid copies can be emailed to you upon request or they are available for viewing/download in your online account.

What happens to the security deposit from my tenant?

All security deposits are held in an Escrow Account by Bowen Property Management and are handled in strict accordance with Maryland State Law.

What are my responsibilities in owning an investment property?

All residential properties must be in habitable, clean condition and must pass all local code and occupancy inspections before the property will be considered “ready for market or occupancy”.   Bowen Property Management will assist in bringing a property to proper habitable, clean condition but cannot maintain management of a property if proper repairs are not made and properties are not maintained. 

How much is your leasing fee?

Please contact us.  Leasing fees vary between commercial and residential units.

How do I pay management fees?

Management fees are deducted from your monthly distribution.

How do you handle non-payment of rent?

If rent is not received on or before the close of business on the 5th of the month, tenants will receive a letter, email and/or phone call notifying them that they have breached their lease and full payment must be made immediately.  Between the 15th-18th of the month Bowen Property Management will file a summary ejectment case at the court house to collect current rent and the rent due the following month if applicable or to remove the tenant from the property if full amount due has not been paid.  The total process can take approximately 45 days.  If the tenant has been removed from the property Bowen Property Management will make every effort to collect all amounts due.

What is the amount of rent that I should expect to receive for my investment property?

The rental rate is determined by the condition of the property, location and rates of competing properties in the immediate area.

How does Bowen Property Management screen prospective tenants?

We run a comprehensive credit, criminal background and court action report on all prospective tenants 18 and over.  We verify employment and rental payment history.  We evaluate the rental rate/income ratio to be sure that the prospective tenant(s) can afford the rental unit.  Upon approval the prospective tenant is given 2 business days to sign the lease and pay the deposit/first month’s rent.

What does Bowen Property Management do before a new tenant takes possession of my property?

We do a complete move-in inspection and photograph the entire property to note the condition before occupancy.  We verify that the property has passed all inspections and meets current code requirements.  We also verify the all applicable utilities have been transferred into the current tenant’s name.  The new tenant is given a property condition report to fill out and turn into us within 15 days of taking possession of the property.

When will you contact me?

We send monthly statements and distributions.  We will initiate additional communication

  • When we file summary ejectment filings
  • When we receive an acceptable application
  • When we receive a notice to vacate from the tenant
  • When maintenance issues arise

We are here to answer any questions that you may have.  Please contact us at any time.

What happens when a tenant vacates the property?

The locks are changed immediately for safety and security reasons.  A move-out inspection is performed on the property.  During the inspection we identify items that should be charged to the former tenant.  We will also make recommendations to preserve the value of the property and decrease vacancy time.  We thoroughly photograph the property to note the condition in which the property was left upon vacancy.  We will supply a summary of the inspection to you as quickly as possible, request estimates and proceed with “make ready repairs” if you would like us to handle this for you.  Once the property is ready for market we will list and seek a qualified applicant as quickly as possible.

Can you help me sell my property or purchase investment property?

Yes, through our affiliation with Berkshire Hathaway HS Bowen Realty we can assist with the acquisition and disposal of investment property.  Should you have an established relationship with another Real Estate Agent, we are happy to assist you by working with them to help make the process as easy as possible.

Property Maintenance

Bowen Property Management believes that a properly maintained property is the best way to maximize the return of your investment.  We work with local, licensed and insured contractors to provide prompt and quality work for all maintenance requirements at the best possible price.

How does a tenant submit a request for routine maintenance?

The tenant can log into their tenant portal and submit a request, they can download and submit the “Maintenance Service Request Form” or come into our office to fill out and submit the form.  They can also send an email and for emergencies phone in the request. 

How are property maintenance emergencies handled?

For fire, blood or flood they should call 911.  If there is a serious water leak, no heat, or any other maintenance issue that could cause bodily harm or damage the property they should call our main telephone number 301-745-9988 for an immediate response.  After hours the tenant should call the same number but “press 1” to be dispatched to our on call staff member.  After listening to the message and/or speaking with the tenant the staff member will determine if the maintenance call warrants an emergency provider to be dispatched to the property immediately.

What is the turnaround time for a maintenance request?

There are many factors that go into each request and we cannot set a firm timetable.  However, we typically contact the tenant the same day or next business day from when the request was received to assess the situation and determine a course of action.  Our goal is to take care of the request as quickly as possible.

What if an owner wants to perform all of the work on their property?

Owners have the option of performing maintenance themselves.  However, Bowen Property Management cannot participate in incomplete or improper repairs.  Incomplete or improper repairs lead to tenant dissatisfaction with the property, Bowen Property Management, and the owner.  It can also lead to legal issues, code violations and fines.

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